4 Ways to Use Social Media Effectively for Your Startup

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With social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram incredibly becoming an essential aspect of daily life, it seems like every day there is a new product or company has been created and is looking for funding and customers.

These increased social connections make competition among startups for funding and customers much more difficult. If you have your own startup or new business, you have likely wondered about the best ways to use social media to your advantage.

1.  Understand Your Audience

When it comes to social media, you cannot afford to be generic in your content. Social media users on average spend up to 30 minutes on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat and thus are subject to many images and ideas.

In order to have the most impact on your social media, you must understand how to market your business in the best way, and this begins with understanding your audience. Think about what makes your startup attractive to your ideal customers to engage them.

2. Choose the Right Platform

Once you understand exactly who your audience and what is likely to attract them to your social media content, you can think about what social media platform is best for promoting your startup. Looking at the demographics of many social media platforms is a good way to start.

For example, 78% of Snapchat users are ages 18-24 while 68% of Reddit users are male. For many startups, it makes sense to create content generating accounts on several platforms, but in order to not be over fatigued with handling so many accounts, think about the best platform to reach your customers.

3. Use Images and Videos

You may just want to get right in the thick of things and explain in lengthy detail what your startup does and why it’s worth your customer’s time. Since users are exposed to so much content on these sites every day, it is important to make posts that capture your viewer’s eye and encourage them to learn more.

Little snippets of what your startup can do will pique a potential customer’s interest and encourage them to visit your website and even use your service or buy your good. Eye-catching material is essential for a successful social media campaign.

4. Create! Create! Create!

The fundamental rule of using social media effectively for your startup is creating and posting a lot of content every day. Not only does posting frequently show the user that this is an active startup, but also allows you to connect with your community.

More posts are more likely to reach and resonate with more people and this is vital to increasing your startup’s exposure.

Bottom Line

The world of social media can be a tricky one, especially for a startup with many challenges on its hands – but it is doable. By creating a lot of quality and relatable content on the right platform, you can give your startup the exposure it needs.

By Matteo Brunel

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4 Ways to Use Social Media Effectively for Your Startup
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