Building Grassroots Community-Organizing through Social Media

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Client Introduction

YEA! Impact is a social impact agency based in Los Angeles that spearheads grassroots community-organizing and storytelling. The agency was born in 2019 from the organization Young Entertainment Activists, which programs responsive impact initiatives, events, and content to empower the community of 3K+ Young Hollywood leaders to make an impact in their industry and in the world.

The team helps organizations and individuals use their platforms to ignite systemic change. They mainly focus on environmental justice, LGBTQIA+ rights, mental health, housing, intergenerational allyship, and intersectional storytelling. Their work includes high-profile events (live and digital), campaigns, content (TV/Film/Apps), divisions/initiatives (companies, brands) and offers a wide variety of advisory services. To date, the agency has worked on campaigns and impact projects with Netflix, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Paramount+, Rogers & Cowan PMK, The Abaunza Group, Amazon Watch, Extinction Rebellion, & more.

Project Scope

In the past decade, there has been a significant increase in social media usage. Users go to these platforms to learn, voice opinions, connect with others, and build community. The rise of social media also leads to an increase of social awareness among the public with constant news at the tips of our fingers. According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 53% of Americans get their news from social media. As a result, it is more important than ever for social organizations to leverage the powerful tool of social media in order to create positive change in the world.

YEA! Impact worked with GRC to increase their reach and impact by better understanding and utilizing social media strategies in the social impact space. The intended goal of the project was to produce a research and strategy report that assesses the current social impact space on social media, analyzes marketing strategies for social platforms, and provides a comprehensive strategy on growing these platforms organically.

Project Execution

1. Preliminary Research

The first step of our project required preliminary research to better understand the general social media landscape. Our project team of 5 analysts and 1 project manager divided up the research into 4 categories: the social impact space on social media, Gen Z social media patterns, general social media trends, and platform specific trends. Our client’s main goal was targeting gen z markets, so our team decided to focus a significant amount of our attention toward platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where Gen Z audiences are more prevalent.

In analyzing the current social impact space on social media, our research identified four main types of posts: educational, actionable, motivational, and interactive. These types of content must also be concise, visually appealing, genuine, and time-sensitive in order to cater to Gen Z audiences.

The dynamic nature of social media demands a forward-thinking approach. Our research outlined key current and upcoming trends to help YEA! Impact stay relevant and adaptable. This includes creating more original content, leveraging user-generated content, and optimizing the potential of creative hooks, such as captions and thumbnails. We also found that leveraging influencer partnerships and collaborative events with other nonprofits also help increase exposure.

2. Case Studies

The next phase of our research was conducting detailed case studies of the most effective social impact accounts on social media. The organizations we chose to focus on include Intersectional Environmentalist, HeForShe, World Health Organization, STEM NOLA, Uandi Ngo, Parks Project, Impact, and the United Nations. Each case study provides valuable insights into the key features that elevate social impact content.

Some key strategies dissected include establishing a cohesive brand image, optimizing keyword searching, and tagging related accounts and hashtags. Elements of a strong post include an upbeat tone, emojis, vibrant colors, and inclusive language. In terms of short-form video content, strong enhancing elements include catchy music, creative transitions, a catchy hook, and interactive content.

Team Reflection

In the course of our 10-week project, we as a team had to navigate challenges and adapt quickly. One notable issue we encountered was the initial overestimation of our client’s capabilities. Our initial examination of our client did not properly reflect the internal capabilities of the organization, therefore leading to research and strategies outside of the client’s capabilities.

After we recognized this through fostering transparent communication, we quickly pivoted our research direction to fit the client’s strengths and weaknesses. We asked more concise questions that would reveal a clearer picture of the organization, which helped us realign with our client’s needs. Through this experience, we learned the importance of asking the right questions in order to fully understand the clients we work with. This skill is especially important in the field of consulting because more often than not, clients face challenges in fully articulating what their strengths, weaknesses, and needs are.

Transforming our analytical insights into practical, tangible steps was also a challenging task. Not only did we have to provide a roadmap, we also had to ensure that it would be feasible within YEA! Impact’s operational plan. Another consideration we had to take into account was the longevity of our plan. Taking on this challenge helped us strengthen our consulting capabilities by understanding how to apply knowledge to different situations.


Our final deliverable for YEA! Impact provided a comprehensive strategy targeting the intricate dynamics of social media for social impact. The insights and steps we provided serve as a roadmap for YEA! Impact to connect with young, diverse audiences and further their social cause. Simultaneously, the GRC team gained multiple relevant consulting skills through this experience. For many of the project members, it empowered them to continue working on GRC projects and enter the field of ESG or consulting. It was rewarding to have the opportunity to provide real-world impact through our work with our client.


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Building Grassroots Community-Organizing through Social Media
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